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I have gotten massage from other places for the last 10 years. This was the best massage I ever had.

-G. R. Sexton

Headache Migraines massage Columbus Ohio Clintonville  Worthington

Welcome to Caribbean Massage

Over the past 10 years I have established a nationwide reputation as a knowledgeable professional massage therapist. In 2015 I obtained my limited medical license for Ohio.

My technique is combined continued education (anatomy geek), intuition, and my seasoned connection with the organic language of your body. 

I am adept in an array of styles, and tailor each session to your need. I have studied many therapeutic massage techniques including deep tissue massage, assisted stretching, sports massage, pre-natal, massage cupping, shiatsu, acupressure and craniosacral work. 

I love working on neck, shoulders, back and feet.

When we feel better, we live and work better.


My services:

  • Relaxation Massage. 
  • Deep Muscle Tissue Therapy.
  • Massage with Assisted Stretching.
  • Massage A La Carte.  (Focused session)
  • Massage Cupping.
  • Thai Table Massage.
  • Pre-Natal Massage.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  • CarinoSacral Therapeutic Massage

Columbus Ohio Clintonville Worthington Short North Back Neck Shoulder Pain

Massage A La Carte.

Your session is focused on one area of your body. This is good for weekly maintenance on areas with the most discomfort.   30 mins. 

Call to book directly.

Foot Massage Columbus Ohio Clintonville Worthington Short North Feet Hurt

Sugar Foot Scrub feels great for aching feet.

Lavender Sugar Foot Scrub is a perfect way to treat tired dry feet as it naturally hydrates and nourishes the skin. The winter weather can take a major toll on your feet, but the Lavender Sugar Foot Scrub can smooth away rough spots and drench dry skin to create the ultimate therapeutic massage experience. It also helps smooth and protect feet, soothe foot pain and discomfort and refreshes arches, toes and the heel. 30 mins.  Call to book directly